I used a combination of vanilla, CC, and mods for the decor and furniture. If you have that mod, you can probably turn Hangman's Ally into a massive building and leave the lower area as a basement and just stretch the bottom floor all the way across from one end to the other. Basement Living – Bunker and Basement Player Homes. It's called Croup Manor in the small town of Nahant. Fallout 4. To activate the workshop you have to go the last room. The walls, floor, and ceiling are Institute pieces from the SOE Pack. Croup Manor is a location and possible settlement on the northern tip of Nahant in the Commonwealth. Before the Creation Kit was released and Elianora got down to business, one of the best options for enhanced player homes was Basement Living by FadingSignal. Your goal, here, is the basement and its feral ghouls. Croup Manor is my Mercer Safehouse, so I decided the basement was an abandoned Institute outpost the Railroad later took over. In the house and in front of it there are many ghouls of various type, it is wise to surprise them with mines. 1 Background 1.1 Settlement information 2 Layout 3 Inhabitants 4 Notable loot 5 Notes 6 Appearances 7 References This coastal mansion once belonged to the distinguished Croup family of Nahant.1 Although far enough from the blast zones to avoid annihilation, this property took the full … What we want, of course, is a diverse selection of areas with their own unique charms so that we can choose and build to our own liking. Croup Manor This small, destroyed and abandoned house doesn't hide much, but there is a small riddle to solve here that will give you access to the basement of the building. Check Out This Mod. Check Out This Mod. the settlement was capped leaving the inside pretty bare. At the same time, it could just be a matter of Bethesda having no idea what we want in settlements. Spectacle Island is your second best choice unless you have a mod that lets you clear everything. After everything was complete beds, electricity, food, water, etc. Page 1 of 3 - Compact - Croup Manor Basement - Settlement Workshop - posted in File topics: Compact - Croup Manor Basement - Settlement Workshop Use the croup manor basment as an extension of your workshop. There are a couple on Nexus, but the workshop doesn't show up when I enter the basement for some reason. I hope by turning them into compost and such, this helps that they do NOT return. Page 1 of 3 - Croup Manor - posted in Fallout 4 Spoilers: So I read some of the bugs and have mods that allow me to Scrap ALL , even dead bodies of Ghouls and such. A key to the basement is found by first obtaining a bedroom key on the second floor, then using this to unlock a bedroom on the third floor containing a Glowing One and the basement key. 0 … I rebuilt the manor to its former glory with a seven story building including the manor and the basement. [FO4][PC] Looking for a Croup Manor Basement Mod. Croup Manor Basement. Rebuilt Croup Manor. I'm looking for a mod that turns the basement of Croup Manor into its own settlement with its own workshop. Page 1 of 3 - Croup Manor Cleaned and Bug Fixed - posted in File topics: Croup Manor Cleaned and Bug Fixed Cleans up Croup Manor, fixes the pathing, NPC spawning plus a … ... Don't let your beautiful croupventory go to waste just because of mod issues. Page 2 of 3 - Croup Manor - posted in Fallout 4 Spoilers: Linking multiple cells to the same settlement is a pain in the butt and leaves a lot of room for bugs.