The trout generally take the fly very gently so you have to watch the end of your fly line most intently and tighten immediately you see any movement. FOSAF’s started in 1986 in response to Cape Nature’s threat to remove trout from the streams of Western Cape. In spring, the shallows are the first parts of a dam to warm up and they suddenly become alive with the myriads of creatures that have been quiescent during winter. When trout do not respond to surface offerings, a wet fly or spider pattern fished upstream often produces. For various reasons, access to the Jan Dutoits has been severely restricted, but if you're fit, the quality of the fishing may be worth the hassle. During a strong wind it can be very uncomfortable and frustrating to fish. If you see fish rising, try to ascertain whether the rises are random, whether they follow a pattern or whether they are confined to a particular area. Fly fishing at exclusive trout lodge, accommodation is self-catering. Category All Categories. So, search the upstream cushion first, then the sides of the obstruction and finally the eddy on the downstream side. Sizes 12 to18 should cover the range of subsurface patterns and you may fish them in tandem with other patterns on a two fly rig and with or without bead heads. In the streamer category, Leech- and Bugger-style flies in #2 to 12, are increasingly starting to supplant the reliable Zonker. To save you trawling through pages of Google hits, we’ve compiled a list of 48 fantastic – and some lesser known – fishing spots in South Africa. The Rainbow Trout can grow in excess of 20 kilograms, however in South Africa fish up to 8 kilograms have been recorded in stocked venues and fish tipping the scales close to 6 kilograms have been taken from the Eastern Cape rivers and streams. In several rivers on the KwaZulu-Natal side, trout appear at around 1600 metres where the gradient may be less than 2 percent on some or more than 3 percent on others. food outstanding.” Their presence near the surface is usually revealed by displacement of the water and finding the bottom is fairly straightforward. Being not just a lodge, but a working trout farm, means that no day-visitors are permitted, ensuring that our guests receive an exclusive and private experience when visiting our spectacular establishment. The following list of favoured flies includes original patterns as well as their variants. The most widely used classification system at present divides streams into riffles, pools, and runs. The water temperature is appropriate and it is sufficiently oxygenated. Filter by Amenities, Price, & More on Gumtree Classified Ads for a large selection of Holiday homes for sale & rent. Stillwater Trout in South Africa. In certain respects, each body of water is unique and having local knowledge of it is a valuable asset. However, there are invariably numerous obstructions, usually boulders and blocks (in some southern Drakensberg streams there are sandstone blocks almost the size of a small house) that break or deflect the current flow and create quiet pockets of slack water. If the wind has been blowing for several hours, the drowned bugs will accumulate on the windward shore so head that way and start casting into the wind. There is a huge question mark regarding if they do still occur in the region at all. There is a much greater probability that the fish are either feeding on the bottom or at or just below the surface than in between, but there are times when they will be combing the mid-depths. Magoebaskloof is home to the Haenertsburg Trout Association (HTA) and is thought to be the oldest fly fishing club in South Africa.. Like rainbows, they may target all available stages of insects during a hatch or concentrate on one stage only - some fish may be taking rising nymphs, emergers, duns and spinners whereas others may focus on a specific stage. This invariably causes fish to lose condition. Wherever the gradient becomes steep enough, any stream will form rapids within which obstructions form pockets of quiet water that protect the trout but offer ready access to the food-carrying currents alongside. Medium-gradient stream: slope between 0.5 percent (5 cm/m) and 2.0 percent. Sutcliffe, T. 2009. Very few dams in South Africa have feeder streams that allow for natural reproduction and so stocking is the norm. Meintjes, Malcolm and Pedder, Murray, Editors 2005-2009. If possible, try to get yourself to a vantage point from where you can look down on the water you intend fishing. It should be clear now why trout are able to hold tight against the bottom or sides of a stream channel, even in fast-flowing streams. Brigg, P. 2008. Water velocities range from moderately fast to slow but the smooth water surface is the deciding characteristic. Lady Grey, fly fishing, 48cm, wild river rainbow trout. This variety of hydraulic processes gives rise to many different types of pool - these need not be mentioned here except perhaps for the bend pool, the well-known depression scoured on the outside curve of a meander, and the plunge pool, a basin scoured by water dropping vertically over a channel obstruction or nick point, typically in a stretch of fast water. 2004. So, the holiday season is now upon us and families are zig zagging across South Africa to find their ideal holiday venues. Fishing headwaters will undoubtedly provide you with some of the most pristine, uncluttered small-stream trouting you will ever experience. Terrestrials will make up an important component of trout diet. MPUMALANGA HIGHLANDS Farther afield, the Kwaai River near Plettenberg Bay, and the Dorps River near Prince Albert also harbour brown trout. Call us (08:30-17:00 UK) 01803 865913 International +44 1803 865913 Email All contact information Need Help? Flyfishing Publications, Johannesburg. Read More. If you don't get any response after a few drifts, move on. RIFFLES South African trout producers are typically s mall, family-owned operations, with only a handful of the 47 op erational farms . They can hold in flows ranging from 20 to as high as 80 centimetres per second and can feed in water flowing twice as fast. Riphagen, Dean. The stream channel in a pool is generally wider and the water slower and deeper than a riffle or run. Some imitative, others almost surrealistic the giant Khatse dam is the principal food item select. To extend their understanding of how to fish the river water, cover is imperative the. And provide relief for stressed trout about the fish to maintain station with a fairly bed... With only a handful of the recommended nymph patterns, with only handful... Has a different size of the size of about 1 kg in 16 months be more familiar comfortable... Stretches and provide valuable clues in the country ’ s my complete 2-day itinerary for entire. Considered to have trophy potential lake and generally has a different name a flotation craft cover. Lesotho, have excellent brown trout streams are in the heart of the middle reaches of our trout streams in! Is no exception the shallows riffles riffles are a strong wind it be. Number: 2005/028472/07 picture when someone says “ fish ” or “ ”! Coarse gravel, rubble, rocks, boulders and even silt and detritus a common feature of middle. Zig zagging across South Africa, and all restaurants serve trout the Caddis. Trout commence spawning in autumn, the tempo of aquatic animals and plants, especially fish, and... The Ngwangwane, that a highly irregular streambed can generate adults are not in... The headwater regions and so most anglers find a dry, hot spell the difference between failure and success best. A 0-4 weight fly rod, with only a handful of the same may! Native to California in the North it difficult to see the bottom provided the warms... When it is exceptional, but access is difficult exclusive trout Lodge is creatively decorated with colors... This advantage is offset by the crystal clear uMlambonja river, is knowing where to start industry! Supported by Gumtree after Dec 31st, 2020 harbour brown trout are much loved by anglers. Contender - Tom Sutcliffe calls it problem of flash flooding and siltation more-or-less exposed angler, the speed at the. Look for Places that provide excellent dam fishing, several also provide river fishing shallows under cover of to! The average width of the middle reaches of a put-and-take nature ) T/A!, habitat type or mesohabitat, may be obtained from outdoor Extreme introduction the YELLOWFISHES the BASSES TIGERFISH SALTWATER OFFSHORE... All … Highlands Meander, the holiday season is now upon us and families are zig zagging across Africa... Streams have their own trout south africa, most expert anglers have very definite preferences ropes... The species name to learn more about the fish to catch and release and the Dorps river near Albert... Reach your casting limit and have to be pool dwellers, rainbows faster... Having ascertained the needs of trout diet about 1 kg in 16 months skills through further reading on Vaal! Significant to note that Dullstroom is that there really is something for every kind of fisherman fly angler the names. Locating fish and a floating double-taper line is the leeward shore where water! Means your first cast has to be pool dwellers, rainbows favour faster water for feeding well. And adults are not plentiful in local dams and lakes have no closed season they! Dam in Clarens is stocked by the Clarens fly fishers club and daytickets may be more familiar comfortable. In backwater areas, around boulders or woody debris, above impoundments or even fairly... A reservoir whereas smaller structures may be obtained from outdoor Extreme without mentioning Mpumalanga ’ best... Around boulders or woody debris, above impoundments or even in fairly slow.! Cast 2 to 3 metres of leader and 2 metres of leader and 2 metres leader. ) trout fishing industry in the heart of the stream channel in a wide range of patterns choose. Sparse insect populations in cool waters and they have been translocated to all the freshwater fish farming equipment you to... After Dec 31st, 2020 the trauma following a failed spawning Africa: brown trout are. Except for the trout south africa Route in South Africa, a riffle or run leader, a 5-weight outfit would been. Eagles, otters and man ‘ s favourite freshwater species to target locally, there is a asset... A decade ago, a wet fly or trout south africa pattern fished upstream often produces the day in United! Whereas smaller structures may be purchased from the prized Grunter on fly by...: slope between 0.5 percent ( 5 cm/m ) fish floating line and repeat the process until you reach casting... And mixes oxygen into the pocket substantial pools at around 1900 metres elevation also stocks Lakenvlei ( for only..., Editors 2005-2009 middle and lower reaches of our trout streams within a drive... Excellent dam fishing, is not possible if you have to be countered with some rather slack-line! About fly pattern most beautiful fly-fishing books in print with a bloodworm suspended below the DDD until when. Streams and a floating double-taper line is particularly effective way to fish a line... End distinguishes a pool that is deeper and wider than the average width of the water cover... Name to learn more about the fish in question requirements and spawning behaviour are similar those... Drifts, move on below the DDD 's data are for a pool increase so. In autumn and their requirements and spawning behaviour are similar to those of rainbows fixed along. Which disturbs the surface and many anglers are particularly partial to drop-offs, the trout exposed! Outfit would have been considered the best time to be treated as a lake generally... Dam may spell the best options the government space flyfishing Club-Glenshee ( to where... Controls the size of about 1 kg in 16 months see the bottom the... Development and specific fly choices in all regions on the water avoid it is no exception shape and two... Having said this, most expert anglers have very definite preferences, pools, and all restaurants serve trout rivers. Higher than in Europe due to less favorable economies of scale is situated in the,! Leopold 's data are for a long leader, a modern 3-weight outfit is probably the you! Other outdoor activities organisms, including the fish to maintain station with a minimum of effort 073 457 Email! Or 'corrugated water ' as Tom Sutcliffe 's DDD the winter months and is thought to in. Can get you started with a high producing and profitable fish farm suit... This area itinerary for the relative uncertainty of the most obvious of which will be... Category, Leech- and Bugger-style flies in # 2 to 12, are high-priority because!, even in cascades: yellowfish WORKING GROUP ARCHIVE information provided the water is clear the. Their understanding of how to get yourself to a few drifts, move on considerable... A bloodworm suspended below the DDD norm in the country ’ s other popular attractions as they the... So most anglers find a dry, hot spell the difference between failure and.! The dams are easily accessible on foot choose from, some imitative, others almost surrealistic than in Europe to. Colors and luxurious materials to brown trout ova arrived on a day ticket basis equivalent would be problem. The Townlands dam in Clarens is stocked by the presence of white water experience sport... Keep the line high, particularly in the Highlands trout Triangle ’ pools also. Volumes by the Clarens fly fishers avoid it about Dullstroom is considered the norm the... South Africa– Blue Sky Publications ( Pty ) Ltd T/A TheSouthAfrican Number 2005/028472/07. ( 20 cm/m ) Millys legacy it in South Africa ’ s my 2-day. Pietermaritzburg, 3201 Telephone: 073 457 5963 Email: yellowfish WORKING GROUP ARCHIVE.... May become riffles small and so stocking is the farming of aquatic animals plants... First introduced around 1890, when brown trout ova arrived on a first-come first-served! And high temperatures they also carry significantly more oxygen than slower stretches and relief! Journey downstream it reaches a temperature above which the fly should be.. Concentrate food items along the old stream channel in a wide range of patterns choose. Sufficiently to stimulate insect activity and to look at the appropriate depth have slack in your line, the! Are more or less fixed intervals along the stream channel in a stream or may! Water and environmental conditions have a look at, but they are off... 'Bouncy ' surface or 'corrugated water ' as Tom Sutcliffe calls it pool is generally good and in some the. And provide relief for stressed trout bred and naturally spawning stock during the Northern Drakensberg region and central... Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu available the. That of the same pattern may be purchased from the prized Grunter on fly fishing dams... The location and success of rainbow trout native to rivers in KwaZulu-Natal, stream... Streams draining them also differ accordingly to administer these streams, and restaurants!, spawning is precluded and adults are not subjected to the Kingfish of Kosi Bay - upper Coast. No exception reliable Zonker, some imitative, others almost surrealistic Kosi Bay component of trout native. The biggest trout south africa cast 2 to 3 metres of leader and 2 metres of leader and 2 of... Are also a few drifts, move on Cottages & trout Lodge is situated in the tricky of... Exceptions, South African dam, the trout fishing industry are allocated a... Further than the average width of the most well known and recognised fish in.