Alex. ‘You needn't ask for more after all of what occurred around so many depictive characters and scenes on a local stage.’ ‘Such changes needn't cost a lot and can often be fairly simple.’ ‘But it needn't simply be a case of helping the destitute Afghans swap one set of repressive masters for another.’ The opposite of needn't have done is should have done. You can also use “needn’t” (to mean “don’t need to”) as an auxiliary verb – especially in the negative form. Subject + needn’t have + past participle + time marker) Form (Part 2): trainees will then need to look at the pronunciation and phonology of the lexical item at word level and sentence level in context What does needn't mean? I … Veena. Karen. Australian. The car wasn't dirty - you needn't have washed it! Information and translations of needn't in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … For example: It's too late to call the bank. needn't in Chinese : :=need not…. (you don’t have to play) Example: You needn’t tell anybody. I needn't have done that today. When you do this, there’s no infinitive afterwards, and no “s” on the third person. See more words from the same year : Modern economies rely on the division of labor, such that one needn't bake bread, smith tools and cobble shoes in a day's work. “You needn’t drive me to the station. Needn’t is very different from mustn’t. US English. Needn't have , as in the two sentences above, tells us something in the past that wasn't necessary in the past, but we did it . needn't - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. Which is opposite in sentiment to . All Free. How to pronounce needn't? Indian. British. Discuss this needn't rhyme with the community: 0 Comments. Notify me of new comments via email. You needn’t be from New Orleans to say it right I like to think that I come from the Gershwin school of pronunciations, as in “You like ‘to-may-toes’ and I like ‘to-mah-toes’.” But I have to admit I did ask my daughter-in-law to stop saying New Or-leens. Publish Definition of needn't in the dictionary. I bought oranges yesterday! Time Traveler for needn't. It is used to say that you do not have to do something, it is not necessary to do something. Pronunciation of casio with 2 audio pronunciations, 3 meanings, 4 translations, 5 sentences and more for casio. Example: You needn’t play football. Needn't definition is - need not. I am eternally grateful to those who showed me that science needn't be all laboratories and lab coats. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. Meaning of needn't. Needn’t As A Modal Auxiliary. (it is not necessary to tell, but if you do, it is ok) Example: You needn’t … Needn’t. Daniel. We can use "didn't need to" to say what wasn't necessary in the past that we knew before wasn't necessary. Which can be equally expressed as. I should have done that earlier. The first known use of needn't was in 1778. : This is why I say that the moral achievement of extending concern to others needn't antedate compassion, but can be coeval with it. Form (Part 1): from the given example trainees are expected to analyse the grammar (i.e. How to say casio in English?